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Welcome to the official website of Tina and the Sëxtones, the mind-blowing bangers of Rock Band rock! We are thrilled to have you here and hope you enjoy exploring our new site. There is much more to come in future weeks and months so get ready to rock out and meet the crew.
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TinaVanilla★ Vocals / 1000

Let me tell you about our leader, honey. She's got a fierceness, that fire in her soul that shows she was born to sing. You can hear it in every note, every phrase. She lives it, baby, and that's what makes her shine.

♫ Favourite songs to play:
The Sound of Silence
by Disturbed

We Built This City
by Starship

Oldie★ ProDrums / 928

Oldie is our quintessential musician's musician, with a mastery of technique, technology, and an innate love of music that elevates every performance to new heights.

🎵 Favourite song to play:
by NIN

DarkShadowReaper★ Guitar / 982

DarkShadow menaces songs into surrendering unheard of high scores one after another. He is revered, a genuine legend in the hallowed halls of Heavy Metal.

♫ Favourite song to play:
18 and Life
by Skid Row

Killz4Moi★ Drums / 993

A true quadruple threat, Killz is like a brutal cosmic force devouring every instrument of every song and outpouring endless red stars in his wake as he journeys across the Rock Band universe!

🎵 Favourite song to play:
Rust in Peace... Polaris
by Megadeth

Arzonnite★ Guitar / 995

Arzonnite, my friend, he's a humble cat, you know? He don't even realize how he's changin' the game in this Rock Band world. I've seen him play, man, and those fingers of his, they dance like nobody's business, takin' on them tough solos like it's a piece of cake. But let me tell ya, what drives this cat is a simple truth he lives by: "Great songs make great players." That's what fuels his fire, man – the pure, raw energy of the music. Rock on, Arzon, rock on.

🎵 Favourite song to play:
A Clockwork Expectation
by Fractal Universe

Mikeithschl★ Guitar / 875

Introducing Mikeitschl, the guitar/bass wizard making waves in the Rivals scene with his unparalleled grit and genuine drive to outscore and outplay the competition. Mike has become a name synonymous with tireless, rock-you-like-a-hurricane, brace-against-the-wind tenacity. Originating from a town known more for its tranquility than its musical fervor, Mike discovered his passion early and has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of his playing with every challenge. Mike never fails to impress online, too, and as his reputation grows he is poised to become one of the game's next marquee players.

🎵 Favourite song to play:
The Day I Tried to Live
by Sound Garden

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
by The Hollies

Tina and the Sëxtones
Special Guests

RobedDude★ ProDrums / 988

A little known fact about our latest magical member: RobedDude was the inspiration for one of the greatest characters in rock, Uriah Heep's The Wizard. In Heep's own words:

"He was the wizard of a thousand beats
And I chanced to meet him one night wandering
He told me tales and he drank my wine
Me and my magic RobedDude kinda feelin' fine."

🎵 Favourite song to play:
Heart of the Sunrise
by Yes

JadedGem★ Vocals / 1000

"Lyrics are a crutch. No matter how diaphanous a dragonfly's wings are you will never understand how it came to rest in your palm." Jaded is a euphonics-obsessed, Michael Stipe Murmur-era stylist who prefers to escape into soundscapes instead of verbiage.

🎵 Favourite songs to play:
Welcome Home
by Coheed and Cambria

Carry on Wayward Son
by Kansas

Scropts★ Guitar / 979

Born and raised in the rock 'n' roll back alleys of Nebraska, Scropts isn't just the maestro of mayhem; he's the sonic alchemist who transmogrifies three minute tunes into ‘Monsters from the Id’.
From the tender age of seven, when fate first thrust him into Guitar Hero competition, it was clear that Scropts was destined for greatness. But he wasn't content with just RB1-RB3 acclaim. He set his sights on the competitive crucible of Rivals, and soon sent shockwaves through the leaderboards, inspiring countless players across all platforms and resonating through the virtual corridors of Discord.

🎵 Favourite songs to play:
Green Grass and High Tides
by The Outlaws

25 or 6 to 4
by Chicago

Sin Wagon
by The Dixie Chicks

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Tina and the Sëxtones
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Tina, VooBass and DarkShadow
Tina, VooBass and DarkShadow